Jill : He (the winner) gets to take home this amazing wolf watch prize pack which I happen to have right here, in my top drawer.

premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival


Teen Wolf 4x11 “A Promise to the Dead” Promo #2 (1080p HD)

Anonymous asked:
It's okay sweetie, we all thought so

lol :D

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Anonymous asked:
what gifset?

Anonymous asked:
I also thought so at first, but when you look at the last second of the gif you can see it's not him, unfortunately! aha

well my bad then :)

Anonymous asked:
It isn't Dylan talking with Holland on that gif set you made of them, at some party where we also see Sherman

are you sure it’s not? i really think it’s him, i asked other people and they also agreed he was dylan

Have you gotten feedback from the fans?