Dylan O’Brien’s types of laughter.



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A TALE OF TWO SISTERS- crack!vid | Once upon a time


American Horror Story: Freak Show - Main Titles

Dylan O’brien on set of Teen Wolf season 3

"I remember when we did the photoshoots for season 1 for the DVD cover or whatever… and they’d be like ‘everybody’s walking down the hill and like do your thing’ and I’m like ‘well, as us or as the characters?’ they were like ‘well, that doesn’t really matter’ like, no no no it does! Because if it’s me, I love all these people and I want to put my arms around them. If it’s Derek, I hate them all! I’m not even gonna walk with them. I’m gonna be behind them like 20 yards and scowly and really pissed off!” - Tyler Hoechlin

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I’m sorry but do they expect me to believe that Amy, a lesbian who spends her nights watching Netflix, does not know what an OTP is?….

not to mention that they used OTP wrong in the sentence. “He’s her OTP” Edward can’t be Bella’s OTP. If anything they are an OTP (to some people). OTP is not interchangeable with the word soulmate.

gdi If you want to use fandom/pop culture reference do them right, MTV!